Majesty Palm Tree

Majesty Palm Tree: How to Plant It and Keep It Alive

Majesty palm tree (Ravenea rivularis) is part of the family Arecaceae. It’s a beautiful palm tree that can rough it outdoors but can also be an excellent addition to your living room. With their symmetrical fronds and lush leaves, these palm trees are a sight to behold.

Palms, in general, have different care requirements. Compared to ordinary houseplants, they need different nutrients, consistent watering, a lot of bright light, and protection from diseases. These requirements are probably the reason why some people think that majesty palm trees can be a handful.

However, knowing what these trees need can make caring for them a whole lot easier. Read on and find out just how you can keep your majesty palm tree healthy and thriving.

How to Identify Majesty Palm Tree

Majesty Palm Tree

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