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Meet the Arbor Facts Team!

Here at Arbor Facts, we’re more than obsessed with trees. Our biggest goal is to help make your planting and growing journey as easy as it can be.

Most of us have childhood memories of playing under a tree, riding a swing that hung from a tree branch, or climbing a treehouse and pretending it’s a castle. Perhaps you also have a tree that reminds you of your first love and that bears an etching of a heart with your initials.

There’s so much that trees have to offer us. The problem is that there are many types of trees to choose from and knowing how to plant and care for them might not be that simple. Too often, homeowners find themselves spending too much because they chose the wrong tree for their yard. Or worse, having spent a lot of time and effort just to plant the right trees, only to see them die later.

And to get the most out of the trees that you grow and care for, you will need to know everything you can learn about them. From the type of soil they need to grow in, proper watering schedules, the regular maintenance required to keep the tree healthy, and more.

That’s where we come in to help.

Our Mission

At ArborFacts, we make it easier for you to take care of your trees so that they grow healthy and beautiful. Our team of experts will help you choose the best evergreen trees, and help you to fall in love with all of the benefits of growing deciduous trees. If you’re looking for splendid bursts of colors for your backyard, we’re here to help you find the best flowering trees. And if you think that trees are just too tall or too big for your tastes, we aren’t just about trees: we can help you find the best shrubs for your property.

We don’t just tell you what to plant; we give you all the details so that you can make that decision for yourselves. More than that, we also go into a deep dive on how to take care of the tree that you want. From buying the seeds to the right time to plant them, right down to removing a particular tree, we’d be here to guide you.

We give you the low-down on everything tree-related that you’re wondering about.

What We Offer

Mother Nature has given us a world of choices when it comes to trees. You will find trees of all sizes, with different features, and different levels of difficulty for their care and maintenance. It doesn’t matter, though, because our team at Arbor Facts is here to be your online catalog for every single care-related question you could think of.

Get easy-to-understand, thoroughly researched, accurate, and helpful guides on how to prune a balsam fir tree or when to plant a majesty palm tree, and also get recommendations on the best fertilizers or insecticides that you should use with your trees.

This guide is also great if you want to learn how to design your garden so that your trees would bloom at different times, ensuring that you’d have different colored flowers at different times of the year. Or maybe, you’re just itching to find out how to have trees that yield more fruits for you to eat, preserve, or share with neighbors.

You can find all the answers to your questions at Arbor Facts.

How This Works

At Arbor Facts, we knew there’s a formula to make the best tree recommendations for you. Our team of experts knows all of the important information required to make helpful tree recommendations. Plus, we check with expert level gardeners, and regularly work alongside agricultural department exerts, to give you trustworthy tree care guides. What’s more, we update our content when necessary.

  • In all of the tree recommendations we make, we search around for known questions and problems gardeners have while planting trees. That way, we can prepare you first with the best information we have.
  • We work alongside agriculture experts to make sure we’re only making the best recommendations possible. If we run into any difficulties while growing our trees and shrubs ourselves, we’ll let you know.
  • We answer any and all of your questions as they come up.

Product Reviews

We sometimes do reviews on different products that make tree care a whole lot easier. To create an honest and unbiased review, we use the products on our trees and then record the results. Did a certain fertilizer cause problems with this particular tree? Does this specific insecticide kill tree pests as intended? Does a particular pruning shear work well?

We try to get the answers to your questions so that you spend your money on only the products that work. If, for example, an insecticide didn’t work well or caused damage to the trees we tested it on rather than just getting rid of the pests, you would know about it.

Our recommendations are backed by weeks or months of actually using the products, as well as by the opinions of other users. From our evaluations of single products to a roundup of the best products in a particular category, you can trust that we only approve what works.

Our Core Values 

  • Accurate
  • Research-based
  • Trustworthy
  • Concise
  • Friendly

About the Team 

Tree geeks.

We’re not sure if such a term exists, but you will never find another group of people who enjoy quizzing each other about which trees and shrubs would grow in a desert or would love having their roots stand in water.

Our team consists of writers who have been growing plants and trees for years and are experts at caring for them. What’s more, they have read an extensive array of articles and watched thousands of minutes worth of videos on caring for different trees.

We’re a curious bunch, and we’re not contented with relying on just what we already know. So we test different things and discover new ways of doing things. And that means you get a fresh take on how to care for your trees easily.

The people behind Arbor Facts have experienced the heartbreak of failing to revive a plant, or not being successful in propagating a tree. This is the reason why we want to be the one you could trust with all tree and shrub care-related topics.

Haron Omita – Certified Tree Surgeon

There’s nothing Haron loves more than trees. If he could find a way to grow a live tree in the center of his home, he would. He’s amazed at how long trees live and how they’re able to survive so much. When he isn’t writing about trees, he’s tending to his own personal garden and trees.

Why am I giving advice on Arbor Facts?

I’m giving advice on Arbor Facts because I really love growing many types of trees and taking care of them. I think there’s so much beauty in watching a tree transform from a tiny bulb all the way into a plant that can overtake massive buildings and concrete. I love it. 

What’s the first tree you ever tried to grow?

The first tree I ever planted was Moringa Oleifera.

What’s your favorite tree of all time?

My all-time favorite tree is Jacaranda. It not only provides ample shade but also aesthetic benefits. 

What’s a dream tree that you would love to grow one day?

I’d love to grow a pine tree one day.

What’s your biggest secret to keeping healthy trees?

The biggest secret to keeping trees healthy is watering them well, using the right fertilizer, mulching them properly, weeding them, and spraying the right herbicides.

What are my social media links?

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Alvin Dy – Gentle Arborist

Alvin admits to not having a green thumb and has spent decades not really minding plants at all, but he swears he can grow them. He takes it upon himself to pick up the plants his wife has neglected and helps these babies flourish under his care. He has named his windowsill the ICU for dying plants and is an advocate of (recycled) container gardening!

Choose the next tree you’re going to plant and learn with us!

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